Manufacturing Process Design

Our staff engineers will assist you and your team in creating the optimum plant layout for your new manufacturing process. We understand that your company's ability to compete and survive long-term in the marketplace rests on its ability to produce a product whose cost, quality, and ability to perform is superior to all competitors in the eyes of your customer. Our sole goal is to help you create a process that meets this vital need.

At the start of a project, our team will meet with you to map out your goals for the project. We will research and advise you regarding appropriate technology, acting as your in-house plant and facilities engineers. We will assist you in creating budgetary cost estimates for all project costs, including engineering service costs, construction costs, capital equipment costs, and operating costs. We can also provide professional graphics services to allow you to present your plans and ideas to all groups within your company, from Boards of Directors to first-line operations teams, in order to achieve support and buy-in for your new process plans.